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This is SO funny!!!

Welcome to Tims Home on the Web.Click here to go to a 'Support our Troops' website (not mine, just one I found that I liked)

Me and my son hiking above Lake George NY! (My brother wants everyone to know he took this picture...LOL)

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Think of me
I know you've never seen me cry
Think of me
But it's so hard to say goodbye
Think of me
What can I say to show you
I'll never give up on you
I will be waiting for you - Mark Shultz - Think Of Me

Your letter said that you were leaving
But you didn't know how long
I have never stopped believing
That one day you would return
And though waiting is the hardest
Part of everything I do
I do confess it's getting better
Knowing I will be with you -Thrid Day -It's Alright

Sometimes you gotta run into the arms of danger
Sometimes you gotta be the sacrifice
Sometimes you gotta say things that don't come easy
They say just follow your heart but what if it lies

And God only knows
How to play this game called life and living

So hold me light a candle in the window pane tonight
Stop me running from the things that could save my life

Well you know I tried to make you love me
And I really should have known it'd make you run
Some people always want just a little more than they're given
But when it's finally caught it loses its life

You better run, run, run, you better run

This is my home page, not a whole lot to it, but it's here, it's mine, and I learn by
tinkering around with it.

If anyone TRULY cares when this page was last updated, be sure to click here and let me know :-)

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